by Shawna Currie

If you’re looking for a way to have fun, be empowered and feel sexy while getting a full body workout, then you may consider giving pole fitness a whirl.


That’s right, pole fitness. Although most would initially link pole dancing with strippers, a new trend has come to town, here at a local pole fitness studio called “Twirly Girls” located in Pleasanton, Calif.


Twirly Girls provides a wide selection of classes such as beginner classes, Total Twirl, Graceful Moves and Aerial Silks. Lyra, which is more of Circus Soleil theme, includes pole combos that are strength-based pole drills to help get you to the next level.


Bel Jeremiah, owner of Twirly Girls, has been teaching classes for 11 years now. While taking pole classes one-day, the former personal trainer and competitive body builder found that, “There were a lot of instructors out there who weren’t real knowledgeable in the fitness world.”

Based of her strength and expertise in lifting, she believed she could pull herself up on a pole with no worries at all. Instead she found that it wasn’t as easy as she thought and that it involved a lot of technique.


“The next day, my biceps hurt, and my abs were sore, and I didn’t feel like I was working out,” said Jeremiah, “I thought, ‘There’s something to this, for me personally.' I saw the fitness aspect of it, but I also saw something that women need- and all ages.”

Jeremiah’s students have made some great accomplishments. One of the students had just returned from the world competition in Amsterdam. The studio was laced with several different trophies

and banners of different trainers who have competed in several different competitions worldwide.


“There are big competitions,They’re trying to get into the Olympics,” said Jeremiah.

While sitting in the middle of a dance studio surrounded by poles, I became intrigued at how much of a workout this could be.

LPC student and “Naked” photographer Chris Romero gave us a demonstration of basic invert, which primarily works the core.

First you get acquainted with the pole, finding your comfort, getting an idea of how the pole feels and also how your legs and body weight feel while on the pole. With one hand placed above the other favoring one side of the body, you pull yourself up unto the pole, legs raised your body completely lifted from the floor, while gripping the pole between the legs in an upside down position, working your way back down the pole unto the ground.

I decided this couldn’t be that hard, so I gave it a try. Let’s just say I won’t be climbing up any poles anytime soon. Pole dancing definitely requires a great amount of strength and endurance. It may look easy and may even be fun, but you are sure to get a workout, especially in the arms and upper body.

For the more adventurous and entertaining side of Pole fitness there is Burlesque. Romero moved from the basic invert to burlesque, putting on a show to “A Guy What Takes His Time” from the hit movie “Burlesque.”

Romeo is not shy, so when the camera came out, he had no hesitation and put on a dazzling show.